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Pura vida! I’m criss

I’m a professional photographer and a graphic designer, I feel really passionate and happy about my work, especially when my camera captures a unique, magical and irreplaceable moment. I have been practicing professional photography since 2008 and since then I have been eager for knowledge. I am always avant-garde,  constantly I try to improve my skills and techniques.

I'm perhaps best known for my casual
and non-posed photography

I strive to create timeless photographs for my clients and for their future generations. I use light, dimension, anticipation, texture, mood, passion, energy, romance, emotion, and great technical skill to create photographs on my clients' wedding days. I serve my clients from my San José, Costa Rica studio as well as destinations all around the world.

Capture with my camera emotions, moments and stories is my gift, is my passion.




My origins are from two Latin American countries: Costa Rica and Colombia. Costa Rica is the place i call home and it is also the homeland of my first last name: Alpízar. Colombia also runs through my veins as it is the origin of my second last name: Gaviria.

As you can see, I grew up between two extraordinary cultures. My family, everything around me and my whole being are defined by the images and colors of my two homelands.

Since childhood, I have been a curious observer

I think I become an art lover as a child and that love only got bigger over the years.
Nature, the people and the beauty of all the moments I have lived in Costa Rica inspired me and gave me the motivation I need to fulfill a dream: study professional photography.



"Your pictures have been the most special memento. I am transported back to our wedding day every time I look at them. I can’t thank you enough!

/ Mary Kate /



How do I capture the best wedding photos?

My main goal in a wedding photo shoot is to get to know the couple and find their personal style. As a photographer I am meticulous and I like to be in control of the surroundings without messing with the naturalness and spontaneity of the moment. 

Every couple is unique and has their own style

With my work, I try to create photos that embody the particularities of the couple in every wedding detail.

During the wedding, I am the companion of the couple in their magical day. While the bride and groom enjoy their wedding, I capture with my lens all the special and honest moments of happiness that will remain forever.

Wedding photography is my art and my passion.

christopher alpizar


"We can't say enough great things about him. He was very easy to work with leading up to the wedding- He was very organized and paid a lot of attention to detail because he really cared about getting it right.