Summer 2018, the Paris days.


Summer 2018, the Paris days.

Summer 2018 was amazing for me, I had the great opportunity to spend one month in France, with a little in-n-out to Greece.
The trip begun and ended in Paris, so I had one week and a half to go around and take pictures.


Window view from friend’s friend apartment. I was invited to had dinner and I loved this big window, it makes me imagine me and my new friends viewed from outside drinking wine and chatting.


This time I was not alone, my friend Marine was my tourist guide, I always enjoy the metro ride back home.

Yes, there are many parks in Paris. And graffiti also. I like when people take position of public spaces. A canvas or a training court?

One day I woke up early and went to Trocadero. It as around 7 am and there were already many people taking picture. Some of them doing wedding or engagement photos, others just regular tourist snaps. Even though, I encourage you to do it, it’s amazing to see the sun rising from that spot. I also went back on the afternoon and the place was packed, so between that crowd I was able to snap a clever shot.

This is me waiting for the green light, it happened so many times that I start to figure out what picture I can take while I wait.


This is not my first time in Paris, I had a quick in-n-out in 2016, but this time I have to admit it, I felt in love with La dame de Fer. Every time I was walking around the city and I saw it, I felt so great. Even if it looked like a little thing in the background at a glance. So, definitely I will go back very soon to se may lady.

Every body who have visited the Arch of triumph have realized how is a driving nightmare.
So this is the portrait of a brave cyclist.


Paris is so great for my that just walking around is amazing. Walk by the Seine and the time stops, just for you to enjoy the little details.


This is one of my favorites, I don’t know why but when I saw him with that black coat, I felt that I must take his picture. This is the portrait of a misterios man. This could be Victor Hugo walking the streets of Paris.


This is grocery store I saw every night on my way back home. I even bought stuff a few times. My last day in Paris I thought maybe I won’t see it again and I wanted to have a memory. Every time I saw it meant home, when I came home I meet my friend, talk about the day, eat, watch a movie. The grocery store was a premonition of something good.


To be continued.