The best wedding photography of 2018. Too soon?

The best wedding photography of 2018, too soon?

I know, it's mid September and maybe I'm rushing into this important announcement, but take a look to this photograph!

It was the first week of this year and I got a message from a fiancé in love, telling me about the adventure he got into and how he and his fiancee wanted me to save their memories.
Long story short we ended in a beautiful boutique hotel at Langosta Beach, where we took some great pictures during the amazing sunset.

We started a little early so the first pictures were taken with full, hard sunlight. But at the end of the afternoon the magic started to happen.

I consider myself an “outtaker” meaning that I'm always taking pictures even at moments that I'm not “supposed’ to or the couple is not doing something according to my directions.
So I really enjoy when the universe align and I get a great picture from the “outtakes moments”

In this case, I think they were going just to get they feet wet. But in that exact moment, the sun was exactly at the edge of the world, the ocean was looking brave and unbreakable. The wedding dress flowing artistically while the sunlight was perfectly reflected on bride's hair when she followed her tenacious man whilst he approaches the blue water of the pacific ocean.

There is plenty time for more great pictures this year, I will comeback to review this when the turkey is on the oven.

Ruth and Paul will be forever in my heart.

Best wedding photography 2018

The best wedding photography of 2018. Too soon?