Day After Session at Irazú Volcano National Park | Daniela & Juan

The Day After Session has become very popular among couples who want an alternative to the "Trash the Dress" or "Bridal Session". The interesting thing about these type of session, is that it gives the opportunity to take all the photographs that the couple wanted to do on their wedding day, but because of time it's impossible. This takes the pressure off, that sometimes is generated by the protocol of the wedding day, as well if any type delay happens. They have the comfort of knowing that the next day, we will take time for those beautiful photographs that every couple deserves.

It does not need to be specifically the day after the wedding. This session can be done up to a month later. Which is the perfect time for the couple; they have settled into their new life, and are ready to relive the experience of that special day.

Here I leave you with a sample of Daniela & Juan's Day After Session, at the Irazú Volcano National Park.

Wedding Dress: Rosa Clará
Groom's Attire: Fabrizzio Berrocal